SHEICO - The Professional Sportswear Manufacturer


Professional Certifications

Attention to detail result in impeccable workmanship and quality

Professional examinations carried out by third parties ensure the safety and quality of SHEICO products, as well as a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Only the highest standard will culminate in impeccable workmanship and exquisite products.

SHEICO’s production sites are dispersed throughout four countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Our company’s overseas factories have received ISO 9001 quality certification and are focused on the goal of customer satisfaction. Systematic management and standardized production make sure the company can continue to supply premium products. In addition, we also encourage total employee involvement by implementing quality improvement initiatives in order to constantly increase production efficiency and improve quality.

By upholding the core value of people-orientation, the company regards every employee as a member of the SHEICO family. In an effort to safeguard the health and safety of the employees, SHEICO has continued to strive to improve the work environment. All our plants in Taiwan have obtained ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification to make sure that we provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

SHEICO’s very livelihood relies heavily on water. Therefore, in order to protect the precious water resources, SHEICO has obtained bluesign® certification. It focuses on five major aspects, including resource productivity, consumer safety, effluent discharge, exhaust gas discharge, as well as occupational health and safety in order to facilitate the sustainable management of products and the company.

SHEICO’s overseas production plants have received ISO 9001 quality certification.

Safety is Our Priority

SHEICO always considers the users’ safety as our top priority. Thus the company focuses on guaranteeing user safety by implementing rigorous quality control standards. SHEICO’s safety gear products have received multiple certifications, including UL (US), ULC (Canada), CE/EN ISO (EU) and AS (Australia), so as to ensure that all our safety products are able to provide sufficient buoyance and safety protection during water sports activities. Some of SHEICO’s products have also received the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification to ensure that they do not contain toxic materials that will harm the human body.